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Elucidating the layers beneath the facades in U.S. Politics


“Alyson Mueller is a political journalist and pundit from Texas. She studied government, international studies, and public administration at the University of North Texas, graduating with a 4.0 GPA in 2022. Alyson is passionate about many facets within the realm of politics—among them the topics of corruption, social justice, economic inequality, bureaucratic politics, foreign policy, healthcare, energy, transportation, education, and the military-industrial complex—although her visceral passion for life extends to many other intellectual pursuits and endeavors. Ultimately, her goal in life is to proactively fight for a society in which real, unadulterated, unequivocal justice exists for everyone. The road to materializing such an ideal is long, but she gets more optimistic about her chances every day. As for more tangible aspects of her life, Alyson’s palette of interests is constantly expanding. She is a singer and songwriter who has written several songs for top record labels in Los Angeles. She loves fashion. She is an expert on French and German history. She is a member of the Harvard Democrats club along with her partner Luke, who is studying Government and History at Harvard. And she plans to get her master’s degree at the world-renowned Paris Institute of Political Sciences. For professional inquiries (e.g. potential job offers), use the contact form on Alyson’s site.” -Luke Atkins

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